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Welcome to the website of David Kilpatrick

On this site you will find works of Art created by me. I am a painter in acrylics and I have been painting since 1986. I am also an occasional carver of soapstone. I am married with two children. I tend to paint character studies of subjects in which I strive to create compositions, whether they be human or animal that convey a particular emotion or an identifiable character trait of the subject. In the last two years I have started to paint subjects of a more metaphysical or spiritual nature. My style is mainly realistic with a touch of abstraction, particularly in the background, or with a bit of fantasy. My main emphasis while painting is creating a subtle transition between color tones, often adjusting or adding a temperature change in the small area of transition. This aspect of transitional change, I feel, allows my paintings to have a vivid glow and uniqueness to them. I hope you enjoy viewing the artwork as much as I did creating it. Thank you for showing an interest in this site.



On Display at Expressions Art Gallery_ Valley Fair Mall, 228 Lougheed hwy_ Reflections of A Rose, Lotus Pixie, Play Time and Rock Kings, and the sculpture Oracle at Delphi and Buffalo Dancer


Matrix Mind_30x40_acrylic_2/2017 This painting represents how the Earth is connected to and affected by humanity's collective consciousness. Like a computer program that changes and adapts with every thought from every human our planet's consciousness is a reflection of humanity's collective thoughts of fear, greed, and and racial turmoil. If we recognized that we are all connected and all are an aspect of the Creator we would treat each other as equals and in a loving manner as we would understand they were our brothers and sisters created in the love/light of the creator. the character in this painting has taken on the person of her magical, metaphysical, creative personality and through love for her beloved mother Earth she is changing the condition of the planet to a higher vibration and thus humanity which must match the Earth's vibration to exist in love ,peace and harmony.

"Darter's Landing" _36x24_acrylic_12/2016. I love painting images with lily pads in water. There is a lot of texture and interesting shapes and colours to observe, that you can only appreciate if you get a close up view of the subject. I added the beautiful Darter dragon fly to add further interest and cropped the original image to accent the diagonal, directional flow of the lotus pads.

Questions or Purchases

If you are interested in purchasing artwork, or have any questions, you can contact me at the address below. If interested you will be required to provide me with  1) a photo copy of a government issued photo iD.   2) A recent copy of a utility bill with your name and address and the utility company's name clearly legible.   3)  payment is by certified check , ONLY, and must be from a bank within your place of residence.  4) a photo copy of your signature and your name printed clearly underneath. 5) I will take care of shipping costs and I accept checks in the amount agreed to.  Unfortunately these measures are necessary as Fine Artists seem to be a favorite target of SCAM Artists. Since I cannot tell the difference between the honest and dishonest via email, there are no acceptions to the above conditions, unless I know you personally.  Thank You for your understanding of these nesecary measures.