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Welcome to the website of David Kilpatrick

On this site you will find works of Art created by me. I paint in acrylics and pastel on suede mat. I have been painting since 1986. I am also an occasional carver of soapstone. I am married with two children. I tend to paint character studies of subjects in which I strive to create compositions, whether they be human or animal that convey a particular emotion or an identifiable character trait of the subject. Since 2014 I have started to paint subjects with a metaphysical theme or spiritual nature to them that often deal with themes of enlightenment and contain the language of light, in the colour and composition. I first create my compositions in Photoshop, using various photo references to create the image of an idea I have in my minds eye. My style is mainly realistic with a touch of abstraction, particularly in the background, or with a bit of fantasy. My main emphasis while painting is creating a subtle transition between color tones, often adjusting or adding a temperature change in the small area of transition. This aspect of transitional change, I feel, allows my paintings to have a vivid glow and uniqueness to them. I hope you enjoy viewing the artwork as much as I did creating it. Thank you for showing an interest in this site.

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 On display at Abbotsford Art Gallery_ 33286 South Fraser Way_ Aurora and Krysta


April 26, 2020 Artswest Spring Show and Sale 10am - 4pm @ Elgin Hall on Cresent Rd  ** Cancelled due to corona virus**

One Heart Trinity_18x24_charcoal,graphite & pencil crayon_5/20. In this drawing the three hearts of your energy body are portrayed. The emerald ray, divine feminine energy of the heart chakra is found at the base of the vase. The sacred masculine, magenta ray of the upper heart chakra is found in the rose. The merging of these two energies within, create the One heart chakra of your higher self. This is signified by the flower of Life ear ring and the rainbow energy of Christ Consciousness.

The Emerald Flame_24x30_acrylic_4/20. From the perspective of spiritual enlightenment the Emerald Flame represents the heart chakra. Within the open heart of an ascending being, the heart chakra is where the sacred masculine and divine feminine energies merge into one unified field known as the infinite helix. The emerald flame represents that aspect of the Creator, the I AM/ Am I merge within you as you recognize yourself as that creative being. This heart chakra opening is the first step necessary to a spiritual evolution of consciousness. Thus the enlightened brain imagery. The tiger being represents the great feline race of sixth dimensional light beings. As one attains an ascended state of being they become rainbow beings of light and their thoughts and experiences become readable by Source which uses them to seed the universe with stars.

Questions or Purchases

If you are interested in purchasing artwork, or have any questions, you can contact me at the address below. If interested you will be required to provide me with  1) a photo copy of a government issued photo iD.   2) A recent copy of a utility bill with your name and address and the utility company's name clearly legible.   3)  payment is by certified check , ONLY, and must be from a bank within your place of residence.  4) a photo copy of your signature and your name printed clearly underneath. 5) I will take care of shipping costs and I accept checks in the amount agreed to.  Unfortunately these measures are necessary as Fine Artists seem to be a favorite target of SCAM Artists. Since I cannot tell the difference between the honest and dishonest via email. The only acceptions to the above conditions are, if you reside inthe lower mainland of B.C.with an address I can confirm, or,  I know you personally.  Thank You for your understanding of these nesecary measures.

I have recently offered a 20% discount on available or recent, original artwork that I have in stock, or new commission. This offer is part of a Boston Pizza advertisement. If you are inquiring about the offer you must indicate the BP outlet where you saw the offer. My pricing structure is based on the size of the unframed image. Framing costs are added to the image size. I do not mark up framing costs, you get it for the cost I paid. As a general rule a painting of 30x40 would be about $1,800. 24x30=$1,500, 24x36= $1,500, 18x24=$1,200 for acrylic or soft pastel (plus framing for pastel) pencil or charcoal typically around $300- $400.

If you interested in the art of the two other artists that are collaborating on the Boston Pizza advertisement their web sites are;