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Welcome to the website of David Kilpatrick

On this site you will find works of Art created by me. I paint in acrylics and pastel on suede mat. I have been painting since 1986. I am also an occasional carver of soapstone. I am married with two children. I tend to paint character studies of subjects in which I strive to create compositions, whether they be human or animal that convey a particular emotion or an identifiable character trait of the subject. Since 2014 I have started to paint subjects with a metaphysical theme or spiritual nature to them. These often deal with themes of enlightenment and relate the metaphorical language of light, in the colour and composition. I first create my compositions in Photoshop, using various photo references to create the composition of an idea I have in my minds eye. My style is mainly realistic with a touch of abstraction, particularly in the background, or with a hint of fantasy as all is connected on a multidimensional level of consciousness. My main emphasis while painting is to create a subtle transition between the color tones, often adjusting or adding a temperature change in the small area of transition. This aspect of transitional change, I feel, allows my paintings to have a vivid glow and uniqueness to them. I hope you enjoy viewing the artwork as much as I did creating it. Thank you for showing an interest in this site. Wishing you light, love and truth on your journey.

If you wish to follow me on Instagram, my account is dkilpatrickart.


 On display at Abbotsford Art Gallery_ 33286 South Fraser Way_ Krysta

Bear Heart Wellness and Creative Arts_ 1-1055 Roberts Creek Rd., Roberts Creek

: Rainbow Warrior (print), Orinals: Khutzemateen Grizzly, Aliya of Lemuria, Zero Point, 

Manifestation in Time/Space, Return of the Bird Tribes, Metamorphosis, Matrix Mind,

Dragon's Breath, One With the All One, Enter Through the Eye of Horus

July 1 2023 canada Day celebration at Hacket Park, Sechelt

 July 8,9 2023, first week only,  Harrison Festival of the Arts, Harrison hot Springs

Hackett Park Art Festival.  August 19, 20  2023 Hackett Park, Sechelt ( Booth #63)

Coast Cultural Alliance  Art Crawl,  October 20, 21, 22, 2023 my " Dragon's Breath Studio"

4885 Laurel ave. Sechelt, BC

Purple Banner Tour : Visit my  Dragon's Breath Studio 

Open year round Mon.-Fri. 10:30 - 4:30 ( phone call request )

Contact through Coast Cultural Alliance Purple Banner Tour 



ShiKaRa 36x48 acrylic 9/23. I was inspired to create this painting in honour of a special light worker and healer I met. She has created a space for healing and an art gallery dealing with the metaphysical. ShiKaRa means : He or She (Shi) who through their own spiritual energy (Ka) calls down the Spiritual energy of Source (Ra).

21st Century Amazon 24x32 acrylic 7/2023. This painting is a metaphorical representation of the modern woman. Like the legendary warrior women she survives in the modern world armed only with a cell phone and the designer coffee of her choice, all the while surrounded by the chaotic energy of the 21st century.

Questions or Purchases

if you wish to purchase art work or have any questions contact email address below.

if you do not live within the province of British Columbia the method of payment is by

email transfer to my email address. You may be required to provide a government I.D. such as a drivers license to confirm that you actually are who you claim to be. Fine artists are often targets for scam artists. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this regard.