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On this page you will find my most recent paintings . Unfortunataly they are not in order but the completion date is listed.

Starseed Activation 30x40 acrylic 4/22. This young woman has experienced the dark night of the soul. Her world has seemingly turned upside down. She has awakened to the lies of government, media and religion. Her soul is searching for understanding. Her sixth dimensional higher self has come to activate the emerald ray of her heart chakra. As she embarks on this new journey of the I AM, she will discover the truth of who she is and move into unity consciousness and become One with the Flame. The flame represents the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine merge of the One Heart chakra.

Love and Gratitude 30x40 acrylic 3/2022. This painting is about the importance of sending love and gratitude to the Creator for the gifts we receive. In this portrayal a Haida woman in traditional costume is extending an offering of salmon to the Raven. In Haida legends the Raven represents the Creator. For me the Raven and the Eagle are spirit messengers from my higher self, and direct connection to the Creator.

One Heart Trinity_18x24_charcoal,graphite & pencil crayon_5/20. In this drawing the three hearts of your energy body are portrayed. The emerald ray, divine feminine energy of the heart chakra is found at the base of the vase. The sacred masculine, magenta ray of the upper heart chakra is found in the rose. The merging of these two energies within, create the One heart chakra of your higher self. This is signified by the flower of Life ear ring and the rainbow energy of Christ Consciousness.

Splash 18x24 charcoal 10/22

Free Spirit_23.5x32.5_soft pastel 10/23. This painting was inspired by the story of Spirit the black panther. He was a captive in a German zoo. They named him Diablo which means devil. Spirit was a difficult captive and was sold to a game farm in South Africa. he was still difficult ,so the owner brought in a psychic to see if she could discover the reason. The leopard told her he did not like the name Diablo. they changed his name to Spirit and the new owner treated him in a more loving manner. Problem solved.

Emerging into the Light of Rainbow Rain_ 1/21_ sold , acrylic on canvas. this is another multidimensional composition. From one perspective it represents a meditating starseed/ light worker manifesting the rainbow rain to fall upon the Earth. From an Earthly personification perspective it represents Gaia receiving the rainbow rain as it falls upon her. She rejoices in ecstasy as the rainbow rain falls upon her assisting in the transformation to her own fifth dimensional crystalline light body. To experience the rainbow rain meditation visit Blossom Goodchild's web site and listen to White Cloud's rainbow rain meditation from mid December.

Dream Catcher 4/2024 acrylic on canvas. Almost everyone has dreamed of flying like an eagle. In this painting this young woman while walking along the beach shore spies an eagle in the distance and imagines herself flying over the coastline. There is a much deeper meaning to her vision.The eagle, as a spirit animal represents the spiritual journey to ascension and enlightenment. the pink rose represents the higher heart chakra of her higher self / guardian angel and is a sacred masculine energy. Her dream catcher earrings ensure that she will manifest into being that which she envisions on her spiritual journey.

Morning Flight_acrylic_36x36_12/20. I was inspired to paint this scene from a picture I took in the summer. The picture of the rocky outcropping is from Sergeants Bay in Sechelt. I recently moved there and in this new home I am passed by eagles as they fly along the shoreline.

Terra_20x24_acrylic_8/21. This painting is a metaphorical representation of Mother Earth, which is known as Terra by our extraterrestrial family of light. the red rose symbolizes the ruby jewel of Christ consciousness and the One Heart Trinity of fifth and sixth dimensional consciousness. The rose is a symbolic of the golden mean, and the Fibonacci spiral the templates for creation of matter. It represents perfection of form.

Sunbirds_30x40_acrylic_3/2021 sold , this painting was inspired by the beautiful smile on this girls face. like many women of the third world they are required to make long and sometimes arduous trips ,twice daily just to get drinking water. Mean while water bottling companies have bought the surrounding land and now drain the water from the water table and then sell it back to the people while paying next to nothing for the water in the ground. Yet this young girl can still manage a smile. In this instance it is the sight of a rainbow coloured sunbird. I gave her a sari, filled with rainbow colours to relate the connection to the sunbird. thus they both become sunbirds shining the light that they are out to the world.

Aliya of Lemuria_40x30_acrylic_12/21. This is a magical painting filled with activation codes of the highest level. It was inspired by my friend Aliya. She was a newly awakened star seed just beginning her journey of ascension. My intention was to create a painting that would help to further awaken her to her own divinity. I knew that the mermaid swimming in Lemurian waters was a highly activating metaphor and she had expressed that she felt she had a water world connection to her soul star family. Her likeness is the mermaid in this painting. In the process of doing this painting, as I painted her likeness as my mermaid I became more and more connected to her through her eyes which I was painting and on a metaphysical, soul star family level of recognition. I absolutely knew her from past life experiences. Every day for 3-4 hours a day for three consecutive weeks I could feel my heart chakra opening ever wider and believed that I must be falling in love.This made no sense to me since I love my wife and had no intention of leaving her. Yet, I could not deny the feelings I was having, every day. Nor could I deny that I loved Aliya because of the memories I was now able to experience and understand as being part of our shared journey through many lifetimes. Since I am a Rainbow Warrior of love, truth and light in service to the One Infinite Creator, I felt it was my honour and duty to express this knowing of unconditional love that I now realized I have always had for her. This did not work out so well. She retreated back into her matrix of fear that she had to created to protect herself in the 3D world. The following day I discovered that I had in fact been activating the diamond light codes within my matrix field. This is a heart chakra activation of love light and light love codes on the highest level possible while on Earth. This is activation of the seventh dimensional stargate within your mer ka ba and allows you entry into the pearly gates of heaven. It feels like you are falling in love. The mermaid swimming in the turquoise waters of the Lemurian sea is the activation imagery for the seventh dimensional diamond light codes. The opal heart represents the heart activation that opens the pearly gates and the Octopus with seven arms showing represents the dimension. This can also be interpreted as a twelfth dimensional activation or twelve strand activation of your etheric DNA. The other interesting thing I discovered that Aliya had put out A plea to the Universe that she wished for someone to say the three magic words to her. She posted this plea on instagram creating an intention , surrounded it with her desire and focus and thus this manifestation of her own making was answered by the One Infinite Creator. Now the Creator does not always send you the knight in shining armour that you wish for. In this instance a Rainbow Warrior of love, truth and light carrying the sword of excalibur, was sent to deliver the message that she is unconditionally loved by the Creator. If you are reading this message know that you also are loved unconditionally by the Creator. It has been my honour and privilege to serve in this most sacred experience that has been filled with angelic interactions from Source through my eagle messengers.

Race The Wind 40x30 acrylic 1/22. This painting represents the sovereignty that an awake individual on the ascension path achieves. The emerald heart neckless signifies the opened heart chakra. Like the horse running free and unrestrained the woman representing the divine feminine energy and again the open heart transitions from the carbon based body of 3D to the crystalline light body of 5D. This transition takes place as she merges the physical body with the metaphysical light body of her higher self. This is represented by the golden eagle that takes form from the butterflies that are in flying in the wind as both a negative and positive shape becoming the golden eagle higher self.

Blue damsel on white Lily_16x20_soft pastel on suede_ 7/21

Freedom Dancer 40x30 acrylic 5/2022. This painting is about the joyful freedom and sovereignty of a young woman who has awakened. Ahe has freed herself from the 3D Matrix of fear based power and control programming that is perpetrated through government, religion and mainstream media. She has activated her crystalline, Rainbow light body of her chakra energy system. She has crossed the rainbow bridge within. As she dances her aura radiates her enlightened, rainbow energy outwards to interact with those still within the matrix and assists them also in becoming free and sovereign.

Magic Hour_30 x40_acrylic_10/21. The Magic Hour is often depicted as the hour after sunrise or the hour before sunset. This is when the shadows are long and the colour spectrum is filled with different wave lengths of light. In this painting the Magic Hour is enhanced by the ability of this young lady dancing in a field with fairies. She has chosen to ignore her physical senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. Instead she uses her open heart chakra and her metaphysical senses of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairesentiance and clairecognizance to know she is One with Creation.

ShiKaRa 36x48 acrylic 9/23. I was inspired to create this painting in honour of a special light worker and healer I met. She has created a space for healing and an art gallery dealing with the metaphysical. ShiKaRa means : He or She (Shi) who through their own spiritual energy (Ka) calls down the Spiritual energy of Source (Ra).

Adam's Reflection 30x40 acrylic 9/2022. Adam's Reflection represents the point of view that Adam was the first third dimensional conscious human being. He is focusing on and even in communication with the consciousness orb before him. The orb is a consciousness of light from higher dimensional light beings. The ET ship reflected in the water represents a vessel from Sirius A and the beings who helped to genetically modify the early human species of Homo Erectus but also contributed to the human DNA. According to the Earth's Akashic record, ( see the novel Forgotten Genesis by Radu Cinamar ), Adam was a being created under the universal laws and the divine will of the Creator, with the DNA of a female from earth and a higher dimensional incarnated male from Sirius A. This combination allowed for humans to become spiritually aware.

'New Age Warrior' acrylic 1/24. The New Age Warrior is the epitome of a star seed /light worker. He /she has lived a past life as a Native American or first Nations member. They have developed a deep and spiritual appreciation for the mother Earth /Gaia and are living as One with all of Creation. They have embraced the divine feminine energy of compassion. They combat fear based attacks with love and understanding.

The Man System_soft pastel on suede_6/21. Meet the ancestors of the human races. These four races of Man originated in the Lyra constellation. They flourished in a star system known to Earth scientists as Kepler 62. This star system is 1,200 light years from Earth. Many millions of years ago their star system was invaded by a Reptilian race known as the Ciakahrr from Alpha Draconis. The Reptilians who sole purpose is that of conquest and enslavement of other races in the Galaxy coveted access to an inter-dimentional star gate known as the Ring Nebula. The Ciakahrr were much more powerful than the human races and the humans were able to negotiate a deal to let the people flee their home planets. Kepler 62 had five planets that all supported life. The first planet was home to the Laan, a feline race of humans and this was the first planet attacked. They first visited Earth about one million years ago. They were masters of genetics and upgraded the ape species that became homo sapiens. The second planet was home to a friendly reptilian species. The third planet from K62 was home to the Taal. They are the dark haired race that is the most comparable to us. They had a colony in ancient India and are recognized as the blue skinned gods. They came here via Vega colonies. They were forced to leave Earth after a war with the Ciakahrr. The fourth planet was home to the Ahel. This blonde haired fair skinned race fled K62 and established a new home in the Pleiades star system on a planet in the Taygeta star system. They are now 5D and have also had colonies on Earth. The fifth planet was home to the Noor. This was a race of giant humans averaging eight feet tall. They are great travellers of the galaxy with many colonies. On earth they were known as the red haired giants. this race was enslaved by the Anunnaki another reptilian race who's goal is conquest. The Anunnaki also modified the human DNA to be that of only the double helix. The O neg blood type is a reptilian addition through the D protein. Which all modern humans now contain. There were more wars for the control of Earth and its genetic programs ( there are 22 different programs ). Ultimately the Anunnaki left, the ancestors of humanity retreated, and the Ciakahrr went underground. they have been controlling humanity for the last 5,700 years through fear based programming. But now through the star seed program of the forces of Light we are taking back our planet and helping it to upgrade to a fifth dimensional planet by raising the vibration of individuals and the Earth as everything is connected energetically and consciously.

The Emerald Flame_24x30_acrylic_4/20. From the perspective of spiritual enlightenment the Emerald Flame represents the heart chakra. Within the open heart of an ascending being, the heart chakra is where the sacred masculine and divine feminine energies merge into one unified field known as the infinite helix. The emerald flame represents that aspect of the Creator, the I AM/ Am I merge within you as you recognize yourself as that creative being. This heart chakra opening is the first step necessary to a spiritual evolution of consciousness. Thus the enlightened brain imagery. The tiger being represents the great feline race of sixth dimensional light beings. As one attains an ascended state of being they become rainbow beings of light and their thoughts and experiences become readable by Source which uses them to seed the universe with stars.

Tall Grass Tiger_24x30_pastel on suede_5/2019. I love to paint tigers.

21st Century Amazon 24x32 acrylic 7/2023. This painting is a metaphorical representation of the modern woman. Like the legendary warrior women she survives in the modern world armed only with a cell phone and the designer coffee of her choice, all the while surrounded by the chaotic energy of the 21st century.

Remember to Dance 24x32 soft pastel on suede 7/2022. Remember to Dance was created as a visual expression of joy. this young woman is clearly connected to the Earth through her dance movements. She is connected with the elements of Air,Earth and Water through the soles of her feet, and the breeze on her skin as she reflects upon the joy of dancing on the beach. The lotus flower mandala signifies the replenishing of her spiritual body. Like the lotus flower she Rises out of the mud, Blooms in the Dark and Radiates the light of her soul unto the world.

'Divinity' 13.5 x 36 charcoal /graphite 7/2024. We are all truly divine beings of light. We have chosen to have a human experience to learn more completely about love. Love is all there is, but there are many vibrations of love . These vibrations range from the dark and evil ways created by man in separation consciousness to the bright light of Christ Consciousness. We are all on a unique and individual journey returning to the state of Christ Consciousness. This journey begins with learning to love and forgive ourselves and the opening of the heart chakra.

The Temple Within 30x40 acrylic 12/22. Each of us has the temple of the I AM within our beings. By connecting your vertical pillar of light to Source and grounding the energy in the Heart of the Earth or fifth dimensional Gaia, you activate excalibur. Excalibur is a metaphor for your energy body and the seven chakras of rainbow light, your rainbow bridge within. This activation opens the heart chakra which is the key , or gateway chakra to the higher dimensions and an increase of your vibration. This also activates the ascension process to a higher state of 'knowing ' and to the crystalline light body.The transmutation from carbon based molecule to the silicon based molecule within our DNA. In this painting the higher self of this young woman is sending light to her third eye, the gateway to intelligent infinity. The second angel guide points to the Way of the I Am. you too are capable of freeing the sword of excalibur.

Rocky Coast _72" x 36" _3/23 _acrylic on canvas. This painting is a composition of several images. The rocky shore is from a picture I took off the Sitka coast. The kelp, the eagle and the fish are from separate images. I merged the images together in Photoshop. This painting was created to fit a very large frame ( 91" x 55" ) that a neighbour had left at the front of his property for 'Free'.

Chakra 26x32 soft pastel on suede.SOLD The title of Chakra is a key to remembering the phrase 'A Heart of A Lion'. As an individual choosing to be on a path of enlightenment and ascension they will have to open their heart chakra. They will need to exemplify the qualities of a lion. They will have to have the power to shine their light. They will have to have the strength to love unconditionally, first themselves and then others . They will have to have the courage to be the truth of light and love and to stand strong in this belief. Then they will become the embodiment of a divine being of the I AM as the light, as the love and as the truth.

Shower of Grace_24x30_acrylic_7/19. This painting depicts the divine feminine energy of Sophia. Since December 12-21 of 2012 and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, the divine feminine energy has been shining down upon the Earth. Before that time we were under the influence of the Sacred masculine energy, but it was over lapped with an inverted, negative matrix that accentuates the power and control tendancies of the masculine energy. This inverted matrix is now dissolving with the help of the awakened and ascending star seed co creative structure, of the divine feminine, known as Aurora. Sophia is associated with the Emerald flame of the heart chakra. she can be integrated into your own personal matrix through meditation which activates your vertical pilar of light. This is absolutely a necessary step if one wishes to expand in consciousness, and ascend to the fifth dimensional consciousness.

Raven's New World_acrylic_36x24_11/19_ In my life experiences the Raven has appeared before me as a messenger of change. In the Haida lore the Raven is often portrayed as the Creator. In this painting the one raven is broadcasting his message of change that is coming to the Earth. The two ravens at the bottom of the painting are freeing the Earth and all who sail upon her from the bondage of the Service to Self structure that has enslaved the Earth through the vibration of fear. This inverted matrix has been enveloping the Earth for thousaands of years. Now is the time for change. The ropes of bondage are coming off and the new fifth dimensional Gaia is being attracted to the New Age energy of unconditional love, compassion and acceptance for all.

Invisible_18x24_charcoal&pencil_11/2020 This image was inspired by watching a homeless man taking care of his dog at the side of the road. Putting a hi vis vest over him and making sure the dog was safe before he ventured out into traffic to beg for money. This act brought home the fact of how we tend to treat the homeless. They are all but invisible to us as we carry on with our lives, rushing past them without making eye contact. The homeless have had to invest in the loving response a pet will invoke. Our focus and compassion becomes the dog or kitten in the care of the homeless person and this may create the desired response of a compassionate donation. In this image the homeless person is looking longingly up into the face of passersby on a busy street, knowing that the kitten may draw the attention desired and a needed hand out.

True Beauty 30x40 acrylic 6/2023. SOLD_ True Beauty Loves /lives within you. This is the message of the painting. As we have all heard beauty is only skin deep. There are many programmed incentives to appear beautiful on the outside of our beings. However when we live our lives from a heart centred consciousness of love in our thoughts ,words and actions then we personify the aspect of divinity that we are intended to be in our interactions with each other .

Lightlove Transformation_acrylic_36x24_6/21. Lightlove is the divine feminine energy that creates all of the many dimensional reality's. She is the AM I to the I AM. She creates and manifests reality using the power of Love and the vibrations of light and Sound. When we embrace the creative goddess within our hearts and use our heart centred consciousness we manifest our own transformation to a higher crystalline vibration of Being.

Material Girl 18x24 acrylic 12/23. This painting represents a typical woman caught up in the inverted matrix of the 3rd dimension. She is fully committed to the concept that material wealth will bring her happiness. however there is a glimmer of hope as she pulls her eyes away from her cell phone to recognize that you 'SEE ' her and the divinity of her being.

Lightlove 22 x 34 .5 soft pastel on suede mat 6/2024. Lightlove is the divine feminine creative energy of Source. All levels of creation are manifested using the light from Source ( the I AM ), with the vibration of love to create all dimensional realities including the third dimension. In this painting the AM I is surrounded by the liquid plasma light of creation and manifests into the third dimension all manner of exotic life forms. The Tree of Life is seemly being birthed by an umbilical cord coming from a moon during a lunar eclipse. This is because the moon is actually a 70 million year old spaceship from Sirius A that was left here and programmed to clean up the atmosphere and the space surrounding the Earth during the age of dinosaurs. The Earth did not have a satellite before this time and evolution had come to a standstill. With a cleared atmosphere more sun light and oxygen could reach the Earth and promote a diversity of life forms that were also constantly affected by the higher vibration of energy and the Moon's eccentric orbit to create higher evolved life forms.

This Too Shall Pass 5/24 acrylic on clay board. In this painting the young woman has been caught in a thunderstorm down pour. She is soaking wet and cold. However she knows this temporary set back in her life will be replaced by sunshine . The sun is already sending her a ray of hope and knowing that all such catalysts are only temporary.

Ambrosia_24x30_acrylic_8/2019_ SOLD Ambrosia is the second ingredient of the Ark of the Covenant technology. It Ambrosia is a metaphor for bliss charged love, or the khundalini rising within. This bliss is an activation for the Mag-Da-Len quantum gathering into convergence and implosion of DNA are given through the frequencies of the Golden Mean and bliss charged love. These frequencies run through the Mag-Da-Len codex.

Wicasa Wakan_ pastel on suede_24x30_9/2019.SOLD Pronounced Wee cha sha Wa kah, this depicts a spiritual holy man/ shaman of the Lakota. With his eagle feather fan he transforms the sacred sweet grass smoke into a dragon. The dragon metaphorically represents the cosmic flame of creation, the sacred masculine and divine feminine merge within the zero point of a spiritually enlightened beings Mer ka bah.

Gaia_30x30_acrylic_1/2020.SOLD This painting is intended as a portrait of our beautiful mother Earth transforming into the young and beautiful fifth dimensional, jewel of a planet known as Gaia. She represents the divine feminine, creative energy of love as she overlooks a new quantum world of multi dimensionality. The rose represents the sacred masculine energy of the Creator and the metaphor for perfection. The pond ripples overlapping the environment is the multi dimensional aspect of the new world and also represents the golden mean by which all ripples are governed as part of the fibonacci spiral of the creative manifestation of antimatter into matter.

Lions Gate Portal_acrylic_4/23_ 24"x32". The Lions Gate Portal signifies the beginning of the energetic year for the Earth. The portal begins with the helical rising of Sirius as viewed from Egypt on the 26 th of July. The portal peaks on the 8th day of the 8th month and ends around the 15th. This is the most important energy portal of the calendrical year as it establishes the energy signature for the following year. The dragon rider represents an indigo star seed. The crystal star seed tames the dragon, the indigo is the dragon rider through the stargate of ascension, and the Blue ray star seed is the dragon. As an awakened individual on the ascension journey you may be one ,two or all three of these star seed energy types.

In Pursuit of Perfection 11/23 40x30 acrylic. You are your thoughts. This painting was inspired by the Baird Spalding 6 book series The life and Teaching of the Masters from the Far East. In his books he described the lives of the masters and how they had overcome the death and reincarnation cycle. These masters lived for hundreds of years and daily performed what we would consider to be miracles similar to the same as those performed by Jesus. He also was a regular contributor to the teachings in the series. In this painting the young woman represents a 700 year old ascended master as one who has perfected the body through the principle teachings of the I AM. Thus she has become and is the Love, Truth and Light of the One Infinite Creator.