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This page displays some of my Wildlife oriented paintings.

winter song first snow_30x40_acrylic_2012_repainted 7/2016 Donation to Frost Rd Elementary

Harpy Eagle_acrylic_24x36_2012 SOLD

Shore Patrol_30x48_acrylic on canvas_sold

Big Thirst_soft pastel on suede_6/20_20x30_

the watcher_24x48_acrylic _2012

Snow Flake_24x30_acrylic. NA. 2016

Spirit in Motion_ltd print 11x22_T=275

elephant or ivory_2013_30x40 NA

Snow Patrol_acrylic_48"x36"_2/2024. Siberian tiger. I love painting the big cats!

Chakra 26x32 soft pastel on suede.SOLD The title of Chakra is a key to remembering the phrase 'A Heart of A Lion'. As an individual choosing to be on a path of enlightenment and ascension they will have to open their heart chakra. They will need to exemplify the qualities of a lion. They will have to have the power to shine their light. They will have to have the strength to love unconditionally, first themselves and then others . They will have to have the courage to be the truth of light and love and to stand strong in this belief. Then they will become the embodiment of a divine being of the I AM as the light, as the love and as the truth.

Junkyard Dog_30x40_acrylic_2013. Sold

Among the Pines_24x30_acrylic_10/20 a Barred owl sitting on a snow covered branch. I loved the subtle colour transitions of the pine branches and their graceful sweep towards the tree trunk as they were being backlit by the morning sunlight.

Heron Coast_acrylic_30x24_11/2013_SOLD

day at the beach_acrylic_ SOLD _24x36_2009 original 30x48

Old Crag_30x40_acrylic_2010 NA

Scarab 36x24 pastel N.A.

Shadow Walker_30x40_acrylic_8/2013_SOLD

Sandhill Sunset_40x30_acrylic_2014 SOLD

Barred Owl_15x30_acrylic_10/2014_NA

Young Rogue_18x24_pencil_5/2014 SOLD

Golden Fury_24x30_soft pastel on suede_3/20. Winter is a difficult time for Golden eagles. Every found food source is not given up without a fight as their very survival may depend on that meal.

Follow the Leader_18x36_acrylic_8/2014 SOLD

Emerald City of Krysta_40x30_acrylic_4/21.The background for this painting was acquired in the lush old growth forest of the Sechelt area. The title is a metaphorical reference to the beautiful environment of the old growth forest which sustains life in peace and harmony. in contrast to the concrete jungle of the city which promotes chaos and disease ( dis ease). Here Krysta is the queen and represents the divine feminine energy of the One Infinite Creator.

Free Spirit_23.5x32.5_soft pastel 10/23. This painting was inspired by the story of Spirit the black panther. He was a captive in a German zoo. They named him Diablo which means devil. Spirit was a difficult captive and was sold to a game farm in South Africa. he was still difficult ,so the owner brought in a psychic to see if she could discover the reason. The leopard told her he did not like the name Diablo. they changed his name to Spirit and the new owner treated him in a more loving manner. Problem solved.

Spirit Catcher_30x40_acrylic_12/2015_ This painting represents a power dream i had in Nov. 2013. In the dream two eagles were flying together with their talons locked together. They then morphed into the eye of a raven. The next morning the dream came true. As I left my house an eagle called ,as I looked around the side of my house to look for them, two eagles with their talons locked together came flying over the roof top of my neighbours house. One turned and looked at me, they then separated and flew back the way they had come from. A crow sitting upon a nearby lamp post, was startled and it flew off towards my house. It dropped a bone it was carrying which bounced off of my driveway wall and came to rest between my feet. I believe the eagles represent a new life path, a spiritual journey, that my wife and I are meant to make together.

Play Time_40x30_acrylic_1/2016_I love elephants. They have many endearing qualities that make them so beautiful. In this painting I wanted to create an image that portrayed their love of water and their playful exuberance while immersed in it.

Catitude_30x40_acrylic_9/2016_SOLD_ I wanted this cougar to portray an air of supreme peace and contentment. Even though it may have been chased into the tree by a pack of hunting dogs or by wolves, it is unconcerned. It knows they can,t climb and it can out run them, at least until it reaches the next tree, and can certainly defend itself if it has too.

Ancient Kings_acrylic_30x40_2011 SOLD_The crumbling ruins of a giant Cambodian head is the background to this resting tiger. He is now the new king of this territory

Shadow_18x24_pastel on suede matboard_5/2017 NA. I liked how the light and shadow played across the tiger and wanted to create an image where his camouflaged colouring would blend into the background. I chose the doorway of an old temple ruin in a forest setting of the Indian jungle. I also added and enhanced the foliage to add to the jungle feel.

Beauty And The Beast_acrylic_18x36_4/2017_This painting was created for the Arts 2017 Canada 150 birthday theme. I wanted to portray how we Canadians take such pride in our great country of wide open, beautiful, landscapes, and the magnificent wildlife. The snowy owl also representing the freedom we have and the perceived image of the "Great White North". But I also felt it was important to include the connection to the tar sands and oil refineries of the prairies. To me this is like a dirty black scar upon the subconsciousness of Canadians. For the most part it is out of sight in this vast country, but it still pollutes our air, our water, and our farmlands which are all essential for life but we allow our governments to sell out for the profit and greed of the oil industry.

"Rocky"_20x26_7/2017_pastel on suede mat NA. I wanted to try a drawing of a snow leopard with pastel in a mountain environment. I had just finished a painting in acrylic earlier this year of a snow leopard in the snow and wanted to compare the two mediums for texture and light quality.

Mossy Perch_18x24_acrylic_9/17 My friend Bonnie was the inspiration for this painting. She had a chance meeting with a Great Horned Owl on her lake property in the Spring. She seems to have adopted it as a spirit animal. The owl is often thought of as a symbol of wisdom but is also considered to be a spirit animal messenger, and the meaning for one to trust their intuition.

Preening Crane_pastel_18x24_4/18

Elly_20x30_pastel_2/2018 since elephants are one of my favourite subjects to paint, I wanted to paint one in pastel on suede mat. I wanted just a portrait so the viewer could get up and personal with the image.

Dang It_30x40_acrylic_8/18 SOLD I wanted this painting to relate to all the unlucky fishermen. They all seem to have a story about the "one" that got away. Here our unlucky fisherman watches longingly after the escaping prize, while even more fish swim behind him and out of reach.

Great Grey_pastel on suede_21x26_6/18

Leopard Tree_40x30_acrylic_12/2018.

'Tall Grass Tiger'_ 24x30_pastel on suede_5/2019. I love painting tigers. I felt the tall grass really accentuated the stealthy movement and secret nature of the tiger in this painting. this was created on a dark blue suede mat, with just the odd hint of blue coming through to compliment the oranges and yellows of the tiger and the grasses.

Khutzeymateen Grizzly_soft pastel on suede_23.5x29.5_10/2019. I visited the Khutzeymateen grizzly sanctuary in Northern B.C. this past summer and did not see a bear. However the scenery was spectacular even during the constant rainfall. I tried to capture the feel of the wet environment and placed within it this composit of several bears to create an image that I imagined I might have been able to see while visiting there.

Scratching Post_soft pastel on suede_18x24_12/2019_This image was created from a compilation of four images ,composed in photoshop and then painted with soft pastel on suede. I love the softer lines and the more natural look you get with soft pastels on suede as opposed to the harder edge and lines I get with acrylic on canvas. I like to create my compositions of wildlife where the subject has an easily interpretted expression or stance to create a further interaction with the viewer.